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    Play Based Learning

    Play enables a connection for children to explore, discover, imagine, develop ideas, interact, communicate and have a sense of being, belonging and becoming. Play provides opportunities for children to connect their thinking and actions which facilitate learning.

    The Early Years Learning Framework is a guide which consists of Principles, Practices and 5 main Learning Outcomes along with each of their sub-outcomes, based on identity, community, wellbeing, learning and communicating. The Learning Outcomes are to be used to reflect on children’s learning and focus on what a child can achieve rather than what they can’t.

    The Early Years Learning Framework enables childcare professionals, educators and early childhood teachers within an early childhood setting to extend and enrich children’s learning, provide opportunities for children to develop a foundation for learning and for children to become successful learners.

    Learning Outcomes encourage childcare professionals to focus on what children can do as well as supports and guides individual learning programs for children. It provides goals or achievements which can be used to identify a child’s progression through any experience they are engaged in.


    We follow a play based curriculum where children are provided with opportunities to explore and extend their knowledge, promoting inquiry and creativity.

    In the Kindergarten program, we acknowledge many people contribute to running a successful Kindergarten program, including children, families and the wider community. We believe in working together to provide a Kindergarten environment where children feel safe nurtured and cared for while respecting the rights of the child. We value diversity of our local community, and we strongly believe all children and families should be treated with respect and dignity. We aim to uphold an inclusive curriculum.

    In the kindergarten program, we follow the Queensland Kindergarten Learning guidelines (QKLG).

    The QKLG encourages teachers to provide children with the opportunities to be actively involved in fun, meaningful, real-life investigations that promote a thirst for knowledge and develop a love of learning that will prepare young children for the rest of their lives. In doing so, the QKLG will allow each child to acquire a range of positive learning dispositions such as curiosity, resilience, inquiry, enthusiasm, confidence, cooperation, persistence and imagination which will assist them in transitioning to a school environment.

    For more information on our curriculum, call 07 5455 6033  today.

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