Engaging child care programs in Noosa


    We create a loving and nurturing environment for your children, building on their potential for success and achievement. We provide challenges and extend their learning through play in a safe supporting environment while having fun and making friends.

    Our centre is large and can accommodate up to 150 children. We have 10 rooms operating over the two buildings, catering for ages from infants and children up to their last year with us, in one of our Government Approved Kindergarten groups.   

    Little Diamonds and Little Pearls Rooms:

    Our two Nursery rooms take babies from 6 weeks old. The Nursery rooms can have up to 8 babies in each with the ratio being 1 Educator to 4 babies. 

    Opal and Amber Rooms:

    Our two Toddler rooms are for children from 15 months, this age group overlaps with the babies’ room age group and is therefore flexible to support their individual development needs. Toddler rooms can have up to 10 children with a ratio of 1 Educator to 5 toddlers.

    Jade, Emerald and Sapphire Rooms:

    This age group can have a maximum of 15 children with the ratio of 1 Educator to 5 children under 3 years. We have three rooms for children in the 2-3 year old age group.

    Ruby Room:

    This age group is from 2 1/2 years with most children in the room 3 years of age. This room is for our 3 year old age group. This is a large room with up to 22 children. The ratio in this age grouping is 1 educator to 11 children.


    We are running two kindergarten groups. These are both government approved kindergarten programs being delivered by our team of Early Childhood teachers. They are preparing children for the following prep year at the schools. The ratio in this age group is 1 Educator/Teacher to 11 children.

    Access to bi-cultural support programs

    We work with children from all background to develop and feel comfortable under our care in order to help you give them the best start in life.

    Access to inclusion support programs

    Our childcare facilities and educators offer the best support to children with various support needs.

    For more information on our child care programs, call 07 5455 6033  today.

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