High-quality child care centre in Noosa

    Our philosophy

    Noosaville Child Care and Pre-School Centre has a strong commitment to providing high-quality care and learning experiences incorporating our sustainable practices. In partnerships with our families and local community, we will support the children by providing many opportunities to learn as they discover, create, explore and imagine through play.

    Children are valued for their individuality, and we offer endless opportunities to explore their environment.

    • We believe that each child is unique and is free to learn and develop at their own pace
    • We aspire to provide an inclusive environment to support all children including those with additional needs
    • We aim to provide experiences to extend on the child’s interest in play
    • We believe it is important to provide a nurturing and stimulating learning environment to enable children to grow and develop individually
    • We believe it is important to encourage children to respect each other and their differences

    Educators are appreciated and valued for their professionalism and commitment.

    • We aspire to provide open-ended experiences that can build on children’s strengths, skills and knowledge to ensure their motivation and engagement in learning
    • We believe in supporting opportunities for educators to participate in personal development
    • We believe sharing our knowledge in early childhood education between one another is valuable
    • We believe in showing respect for each other’s beliefs and views 

    Families are valued for their input into the service and daily program.

    • We aim to work in collaboration with our families to provide endless opportunities for family involvement
    • We value and respect that each family is unique
    • We believe that our relationships with families are based on trust and respect
    • We will provide a welcoming and caring environment to our families
    • We believe in supporting family involvement in the program
    • We provide information to families about community and resources 

    Our local community and environment

    • We aim to incorporate environmental practices to create a sustainable environment for the children
    • We provide a service that is welcoming to the local and wider community
    • We value and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders within the community 

    Are you looking for a welcoming child care centre in Noosa? Call 07 5455 6033  today.

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