Nursery 1 Overview

Nursery 1

Our Educators know how important it is to work in partnerships with our families as their baby starts their journey with us. Our Educators create an caring and nurturing environment for your baby that is emotionally secure for their development to occur naturally.

We support you with your babies routine, on enrolment please complete one of the baby routine forms so we can be familiar with your babies routine.

We encourage and support your babies physical development as they roll, sit up, crawl,climb,stand and walk.

Our Nursery 1 studio has it's own separate outdoor play space for our babies to begin exploring as they become familiar with their surroundings.

Before you baby starts their first day we invite you and your baby to come and spend some time in their studio with us, so you will feel comfortable when your babies first day arrives.

  • Age Group:
    0 - 12 Months

How to book Your Child to Nursery 1 Studio?

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